Saturday, June 22, 2013

Long Time No Talk!

Wowee! It's been a long time! And, for very good reason. :) At least, in my book.

If any of you are wondering or haven't been in tune with the Facebook page, this girl and her handsome hubby are expecting our first little bundle of joy!

We couldn't be more thrilled! It's been a long road for us and this gift was such an unexpected blessing.
Throughout this pregnancy, I have been put on various forms of "rest." From bed rest, to light duty, to caution; I've done a bit of it all! But, it's all been absolutely worth it for my little sweet pea. At this time, my doctor, husband and I have decided that it's best for me to abstain from returning to work until I'm well out of the first trimester. Well, yesterday marked the first day of the last week of my first trimester! (throws confetti, does "The Cabbage Patch," moonwalks)
We'll have another doctor's visit during July where we'll be able to better decide an appropriate date for me to return to work. I'll be sure to keep each of you informed as I learn new information. When returning to work, I will only be taking on sessions "part time;" meaning there will be limited availability. With this little one on the way, visits with family during the pregnancy and my husband and I planning for our next move with the Marine Corps; I feel it would be unfair to promise my same workload to you all. With that being said, when booking is reopened, please be sure to contact me ASAP for your session! Sessions will be first come first serve.

I did want to take this time to explain some of the changes that EKP will be undergoing during the next few months and upon my return. I'm really excited to make the transition into what I'd like to call "Milestone Portraiture." For a long time now, I've wanted to shift my focus from such a broad spectrum of photography, to a focus on the stages of love within a couple's life. For this reason, Erin Kent Photography will not be taking on new families throughout the remainder of the year and family sessions in general will be minimum. In order for my work to flourish and grow, I need to find a genre of photography that I'm most comfortable with and for me that falls under this "Milestone Portraiture."

Erin Kent Photography will now offer Couples Sessions (to include Engagement), Bridal Portraiture and Boudoir, Maternity and Newborn Photography. Newborn Photography will also come with the option for "First Year Photographs."

If you wish to have family photographs and would like recommendations, please feel free to e-mail! I'd love to steer you in the right direction. :)

The new website that I've been procrastinating working on for the past few months should be launched during the month of July, as well. There, you will find detailed pricing that will hopefully fill the gap and allow you the freedom to explore and decide if I'm the photographer for you prior to our consultation!

I so look forward to returning to work and will be sure to let you all know just as soon as I'm able to do so! I also hope to keep you guys informed of the pregnancy (I'm so excited! And, I just can't hide it!) through this blog. That is, as long as y'all don't mind. ;)

Thanks for being who you are and for supporting me throughout this time. My husband and I both truly and deeply appreciate it. You've made this process of making it through a crucial point for our child so much easier and less stressful through your kind e-mails, comments and messages. I was truly blessed with the cream of the crop when it comes to clients in Clarksville!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Baby J| First Year by Erin Kent Photography

Oooh! Mr. Jake was TOO sweet! I knew from the moment his mama took him out of that car and I saw that big, darling grin that we were going to have an excellent session.

Jake is six months old and mama wanted me to capture this milestone in his life. It's amazing how much your baby will change from month to month. The first year is absolutely crucial when it comes to photographs! After all, many of the big things happen within that year: rolling over, crawling, walking, talking. I love it when mamas realize that having professional photos to freeze these moments in time, moments that you can't get back, is absolutely necessary.

Baby J's mama will always be able to remember him just like this. :) Beautiful big, shiny eyes, two adorable little teeth right on that bottom gumline and a smile that lights up his whole face (and everyone who's near him, too!) And, it won't hurt that she has loot to pull out when he gets a girlfriend one day! ;)

Please enjoy a few photos from our session together. :)

Look at those two little teefies! How cute?!
Thank you for allowing me to spend an afternoon with Jake, Lauren! He's absolutely a doll!
Have you booked your child's "First Year" photographs? Contact me today at erinkentphotography{at}gmail{dot}com to schedule!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

1,000 Fan Giveaway Winners Announced


I get SO antsy during giveaway time. I mean, antsy like, "Let's just do the giveaway five days earlier than projected," antsy. Erin Elizabeth wasn't blessed in the patience department, unfortunately.
So, the fact that I've held out this long to announce the winners of the giveaway is pretty spectacular. :) I just felt compelled to let you guys know that for some, odd reason.
Before I announce the winners (and because I just want to keep you on the edge of your seat; at least those of you who haven't already scrolled down... cheaters!) I just wanted to say, "Thank you," to each and every one of you who participated! I had a huge amount of interest in this giveaway and it thrills me that you all are so involved with EKP and everything that's wrapped up in it.

So, without further ado, I give you the "1,000 Fan Giveaway" winners!
The Education Station Gift Certificate- Marla Madison
Lasaters Coffee & Tea Gift Certificate- Heather Calla
The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery Gift Certificate- Emily Eisinger
Erin Kent Photography Free Session- Kate Rengering
I wish, I wish with all of my might that I could give each and every one who entered a little something. Thank you all, once again, for your participation. This won't be the last giveaway EKP hosts so be sure to stay up to date by visiting the Facebook page often!
Have a beautiful Thursday!
(Giveaway was conducted with using a "List Randomizer." Facebook, The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery and Lasaters Coffee & Tea are in no way affiliated with this giveaway. Winners have 24 hours from the announcement of drawing to e-mail Erin at erinkentphotography{at}gmail{dot}com to claim their prizes. In the event a winner does not contact Erin within the 24 hours time period to claim their prize a runner-up will be announced.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Atchisons| Couples by Erin Kent Photography

Hello, my name is Procrastinator. :)

Nice to meet ya!
Is it considered "procrastinating" if you've seriously been so busy that sitting down for twenty minutes to draft a blog post seems overwhelming?
Totally not complaining about the busy part, though. ;)

 I'm currently "behind" on four posts and I'm hoping to get them all out to you this week so you can see the goodness! These clients have already received/will be receiving their packages next week, so they may or may not have already viewed their photos. But, I can't leave y'all out!

The Atchisons were just great. :) We had a perfectly comfortable, Spring afternoon to work with and downtown Clarksville was the ideal location for the type of session they were looking for. We couldn't have asked for a more calm, peaceful session. Conversation flowed easily and I truly enjoyed myself. 


Thank you for choosing me, Clint and Marie! I look forward to working with you all again soon!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

1,000 Fan Giveaway


Hot dog! We're at 1,000 fans! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Generally, a kiss from my husband and my coffee are the highlights of my mornings but I'm gonna tell ya; when I woke up yesterday and hit the office to check my e-mails and Facebook and noticed that a whole grand of ya liked little ole me. Well, that just took the cake!

I say it all the time and I'll keep saying it until it drives you banana sandwich; I love each and every one of you and what you do for my business. Word of mouth is absolutely what steers this little ship and keeps the inquiries coming in. YOU help me book my sessions and for that, I couldn't be more thankful.

So, true to tradition (and, because I just LOVE to celebrate) I'm hosting another giveaway! Except, this time it's a wee bit different.

I started thinking and wondering to myself and I said, "Self, what would you like to win if someone were hosting a giveaway?"

There are a few things that make me very, very happy. Sweets, coffee, photos and great friends with TREMENDOUS businesses of their own! So, that's just what y'all are getting!

This giveaway holds four prizes for FOUR separate winners!

So, what's the loot? Well, well... How about a free photo session with your fave photog, a gift card to The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery, a gift card to Lasaters Coffee & Tea and a gift card to The Education Station LLC (Hourly Care)?


There are four super easy, separate ways to be entered to win! Like "Erin Kent Photography" (which the majority of you have already done!), share the 1,000 Fan Giveaway Announcement image, comment on the image and tag a friend to let them know about all of the fun that's going on!

As an additional entry, stop into The Education Station LLC (Hourly Care) on Facebook, give them a "like" and comment saying you were sent over by me and your name will be placed into the drawing ANOTHER time! :)

But, WAIT, there's more!! (Is it sounding like an infomercial in here or is it just me?)

Comment on this blog post to have your name entered in yet ANOTHER time! That's SIX ways to win, folks! :)

It's easy, peasy, lemon squeezy with loads of ways to win!

So, there you have it folks! Your 1,000 Fans Giveaway! Get to liking, sharing and commenting! The contest ends on April 24th, 2013 at midnight Central time and the winners will be announced on the blog on April 25th, 2013 on the blog!

-Facebook, Lasatars Coffee & Tea and The Sweetest Batch Cupcakery are in no way affiliated with this giveaway.
-Limit six entries per individual.
-All entries must be completed honestly and fairly. Cheating will NOT be tolerated.
-When "sharing" the image on Facebook, be sure to make the post "Public" so that I can see that it has been shared!

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Monroes| Couples by Erin Kent Photography

Helloooooo, out there! :) Whew! My blog finally cooperated with me! It wanted to throw a little hissy fit tonight. I forgave it.

So, I have a big ole treat for y'all this evening! :) I'm so stinkin' excited to share this session with you! Becca came to me with all sorts of idea cuteness that I was MORE than happy to try!

First, let me share a little background to this session. You see, there's this thing with me. Awkward stuff just happens to Erin. All. The. Time. So, you could imagine my disdain when we arrived to our original location to find nothing but tents for as far as the eye could see.

Yes, I said tents. Like, let's roast s'mores, build a fire, sing "Kumbaya" tents. 

I'm sure Becca and Seth would have been game for anything but, tents... eh. So, we packed our happy selves up and scooted on down to another location. This is not ideal for a photographer because we definitely don't want to put our clients out but the Monroes were absolute champs and they were happy to take photos wherever!

I have to say; I think the transfer of locations worked out in our favor. ;)

Please take a moment to enjoy Becca and Seth's military inspired couples session. I'm kinda in love with it.

Did your heart just kinda stop a little? Yeah, mine too. :D
How STUNNING is she?!

Becca and Seth, thanks so much for such a laid back and relaxed session! It was an absolute pleasure! 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Callas| Couples by Erin Kent Photography

 Two sessions blogged in two days?! Say what?! And, I'm on track to blog another tomorrow?!

{Dusts dirt off shoulder.}

I am so thrilled to give you a little looksie into the Calla's session. I love everything about couples' sessions. Yes, I love taking pictures of families and wee ones; but, there's just something super special about taking pictures of couples. I truly think it's my "calling."

We couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and comfortable. And, the location? To die for!

A BIG thanks to "The Mill" for allowing me to utilize their property. I love spending time out there. And, I have to say, finishing a session off with the purchase of a loaf of the KILLER Lemon Poppyseed Bread that they carry ain't too shabby!

"The Mill" also carries all sorts of one of a kind gifts. I was swooning over some of the hand crocheted baby blankets and home decor pieces. You can also find yummy smelling candles and delicious home canned jams! I'm telling you; you have to take a trip out there! Feel free to follow their Facebook page here and be sure to let them know that Erin Kent Photography sent you! Following their Facebook page will also keep you up to date on all of the neat Pinterest inspired classes that they offer monthly, as well! You don't want to miss it!

And now, I introduce to you, the stunning Callas. <3

Ken and Barbie, right?!
I love how natural every part of their session feels.
Thank you so much for spending an afternoon with me Heather and Josh! I hope that we're able to work together again in the future. <3